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Legal Process



Refers to a legal or political process of ending the separation and isolation of different racial and ethnic groups.


Social Process



Refers to a social process in which members of different racial and ethnic groups experience fair and equal treatment  within a desegregated environment.

Denise D. Adams

City of Winston Salem Mayor Pro Tempore

We invite you to spend time with those who lived the experiences of desegregation and integration in Winston-Salem.  Despite unfair and sometimes disturbing situations, many early trailblazers have continued to advocate for equity through their roles in education, government, and community organizations.  They are gifted, compassionate, hardworking citizens who have improved our city and school system. Other community voices are also saluted for their vigilant efforts to foster collaboration by using their insight to help address ongoing issues and controversies.

Denise D. "D.D." Adams
Denise D. "D.D." Adams
Denise D. "D.D." Adams

Fleming El-Amin

Forsyth County Commissioner District A